What Is The Lurn Summit: Pie In The Sky?

I came across Lurn Summit 2020 recently, and looked it over. On their main website, they offer you a bargain price on a system that is designed to make you $10 K a month. Does that sound too good to be true? Of course it does.

But wait — they also offer you access to a two-day business summit for only $1, and some of the presenters are giants in the industry. What’s that all about? What is the Lurn Summit? Are their promises valid? Let’s take a closer look.

Name: Lurn Summit 2020

Website: lurnsummit.com

Owner: Anik Singal

Product Name: Lurn Summit

Price: $1.00 for 21 days; then $67/month plus upsells

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Okay, so what gives with this Lurn Summit? To start, they offer you an introductory webinar for just $1.00. This summit is spread over two days, and certainly appears to give plenty of value and some good instruction for your $1.00. It includes webinars by different experts.

When you pay your dollar, you are told you will be charged $67 per month after a 21-day trial. This summit is a repeat of the summit of 2018. As it was quite successful, it is being presented again. I’m impressed by the amount of information included in this two-day event.

By paying that $1.00, you invite that charge at the end of the 21 days Of course, you could cancel and your money would be refunded. In 21 days, I would guess you would know if you wanted to continue in the program. I must say that I’m impressed by the amount of information included in the webinars you receive.

Keynote speaker ad

Here Is What The Lurn Summit 2.0 Contains


1) Intro

Presenter: Anik Singal

Anik offers tips on how to get the most benefit from the whole summit

2) How To Reset Your Mind And Breakthrough

Presenter: Bob Proctor

My hero! If Bob Proctor is part of this summit, it can’t be all bad.

Bob’s talk is about the importance of having the right mindset in order to be a successful entrepreneur. Smart move: You will do much better as an entrepreneur if you can adopt a “success” mindset.

3) Invest In YOU — The Power Of Personal Coaching

Presenter: Anik Singal and Jeremy Bellotti, one of Anik’s team members.

In this webinar, you will learn the importance of having a personal coach in order to move faster and get started in the right way.

I must agree, that if you can find a good personal coach, you can navigate the pitfalls and pass the blockades so much faster,

4) The Best Business Models To Start

Presenter: Andrew Lentz, Content Director at Lurn

This webinar shows you the main methods and business models that you can use to make money online.

5) How To Set Up A Passive Income Stream (Part One)

Presenter: Anik and Dave, one of Anik’s team members

This segment teaches you the basics of affiliate marketing, including the general process and how it works.Picture of Anik Singal

6) How To Set Up A Passive Income Stream (Part Two)

Presenter: Anik Singal

A continuation of #5, where Anik demonstrates a tool they have developed, called the Blueprint Inbox. With this tool, you can utilize affiliate marketing with an easier method.

The tool eliminates the need to learn all the technical stuff involved. It simplifies the process so you don’t have to deal with so many platforms, and is designed to save you time.

You know you’ll be asked to purchase this tool to start your own affiliate marketing campaigns.

7) The Billion Dollar Opportunity In Digital Publishing

Presenter: Andrew Lantz

In this webinar, you learn about the opportunities in digital publishing, including the publishing of Ebooks, video training courses, audio podcasts, etc.

You will learn which models are most profitable and what platforms to use when selling your products.

8) How To Get Your First $2000 A Month Client

Presenter: Jeremy Bellotti

In this webinar, you will learn how to start a consulting or coaching business and attract high-paying clients. Of course, Lurn will add their own pitch, asking you to purchase a high-ticket training program from them.


1) Ready, Set, Grow

Presenter: Anik Singal

This is an introduction to what will be contained in this second day of the summit.

2) Rich Dad Poor Dad Keynote Interview

Presenter: Robert Kiyosaki

In this webinar, Mr. Kiyosaki, who is an author of some best-selling books about personal finance, talks about the process and steps to be taken to gain financial freedom. He shares some lessons he has learned in his long journey to become financially free.

This one’s worth the time you spend listening.

3) How To Sell Anything Using Words

Presenter: Anik Singal

Here Mr. Singal discusses the importance of building an email list. He includes tips on how to use email campaigns in online businesses effectively.

He also discusses the importance of copywriting and teaches the main elements you need to use to write effective sales copy to promote products. Important stuff — All of us selling online can benefit from this information.

4) The Opportunities In Organic And Paid Traffic

Presenter: Andrew Lantz

Mr. Lantz talks about the main sources for both free (organic) traffic and paid, and the differences between these two categories.

Lurn adv. about becoming the middle man

5) Why Facebook And YouTube Are The Hottest Traffic Sources For 2018

Presenter: Jessica, one of the marketing team members at Lurn.

Jessica talks about the importance and benefits of using both YouTube and Facebook ads. These two platforms give you access to a huge audience and are relatively cheap to purchase.

Included is a quick demonstration of how to target your specific audience on both platforms.

6) How To Spend Time With The Lurn Team In Person

Presenter: Anik Singal

This one is a pitch for a workshop offered by Lurn to teach you about YouTube and Facebook marketing and copywriting.

7) The Hottest Social Media Platforms

Presenter: Steven, the Associate Content Manager at Lurn.

In this presentation, you learn how to use organic traffic from social media platforms. You’ll be taught how to get the best out of these audiences. You will also learn about Question and Answer platforms, such as Quora and Reddit.

8) The Power Of Affiliate Marketing

Presenter: Kevin Strawbridge, ClickBank CEO

Mr. Strawbridge discusses ClickBank as the biggest marketplace for digital products. He tells the ClickBank story and talks about future plans. He gives you information on the best-performing niches for both sellers and affiliate marketers. You will receive tips on how to be successful with digital products, either as an affiliate or a vendor.

9) How To Make Money Using Other People’s Followers

Presenter: Rosalee, a previous Lurn student and a current trainer.

She tells her story and discusses the power of influencer marketing. At the end you will receive another pitch for a training program by Lurn.

10) How To Get 100% Free Online Traffic

Presenter: Andrew Lentz

Here you will learn how organic traffic works. Mr. Lentz discusses content marketing, such as blogging, article marketing and video marketing. He also suggests ways to utilize each of these and the way to outsource some of the tasks, and how to get traffic from each of these.

11) What’s Next

Presenter: Anik Singal

Conclusion and invitation to join and start for free.

This $1.00 summit is definitely worth-while, even if you never go any further in this business. You can learn some valuable information by watching it.

Well, now you have attended the two-day summit and have 21 days to decide if you are willing to pay $67 per month to continue. So, what’s next?

Perhaps you joined Lurn Summit before viewing the two-day summit webinars. In that case, you are told you are being given a one-time special offer that will take 95% off the regular price of the “$10K Formula.” You will get this material for $97 (today only.)

$10k Formula advertisement

You are promised you will become an internet entrepreneur overnight. In the video, a 5-step process for creating a business is introduced. You can go through this process before the summit even starts. What you are taught is how to set up a single-page website, which is known as a “landing page” or “capture page.”

You are directed to set up this landing page, with the prime object being to get email addresses for people visiting the page. These you will store for later use.

The next step is to join ClickBank and become an affiliate. Then you can send emails to the folks on your list and promote ClickBank products.

Sounds good thus far, but how do you get traffic?

There are several ways that you can get traffic:

  • Ads
  • Social Media
  • Purchased lists
  • SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords

It is best to use a combination of these. Be prepared: some of them, for example, ads, can get quite expensive.

If you reach this point before watching the summit, Lurn will attempt to persuade you to join for $67 a month. You’d best be resistant to their attempts to manipulate you into buying.


Some courses that might teach you something

Quality people involved in the summit

The summit for $1.00 is a good value

Money-back guarantee

Might be good training for beginners

Support available 24/7


Summit is designed to give you an excellent intro to the company but it falls short of being ideal in the main program

Email marketing is the main focus of training

Upsells which will become necessary to get the business going

You will need to buy Email software

False promises of wealth in no time.


Go for the summit for $1.00, but don’t bother joining the program. The summit has value, in spite of attempts to sell you other options. You might learn some new information; at the least you can enjoy the main speakers.

If you really want to learn internet marketing, you’d do much better by joining my company, Wealthy Affiliate, because you will receive thorough training that will teach you how to practice good SEO and gain free traffic. Try it out; investigate fully.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and then, if you like it, become a premium member with lots of added benefits, paying $49 per month.

You will be part of the most amazing community who will help you when you stumble You will make friends from around the world.

You’ll receive 24/7 technical support that, in my opinion, is the best in the business. There are so many quality tools available for you to use to build your website and your business.

There are enough training courses and webinars available to keep you busy for years.

And, speaking of websites, you will learn all the steps for building a quality website from the ground up.

I feel so fortunate to have found Wealthy Affiliate, and believe it is the best opportunity available to us. Try it out for free to see if you agree. Just click on the Wealthy Affiliate banner below, and you will be taken to the page where you can sign up. I believe you will be glad you did.

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2 thoughts on “What Is The Lurn Summit: Pie In The Sky?”

  1. As a long time affiliate marketer it absolutely amazes me how many opportunities are out there and how many of them are absolutely garbage that is full of promises but no results.

    However this looks very different to me.  Many of the names are the biggest in the industry and they are names that have lasted through all the bad opportunities that come and go.

    I am going to take a further look into this and see where it leaves me

    Thank you for this

    • You are welcome, Dale.  Frankly, I believe the summit was the best thing they have to offer…but I could be all wrong.  Please let me know if you try it and find you like it.

      Their focus is mostly on email marketing.  If that is something you are interested in, it might well be worth your investigation.


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