Why Is Niche Marketing Important?

When starting your online business, have you asked, “Why is niche marketing important?” Perhaps it has not made any sense to you. Perhaps you feel a niche is too limiting; that you would rather be able to sell anything and everything. If this is the case, perhaps you need to try an eCommerce store. However, for affiliate marketing, finding a niche is important.

What you choose for the focus of your website matters a great deal, because it will define your target audience. These are the people who are especially interested in the subject you have chosen. They are the ones you want to encourage to become your customers.

When you start your affiliate marketing website, one of the first things you do is to select a niche. There are many training guides out there to help you select the niche that is right for you. Think about your areas of expertise. Is there something you know very well that would make a good niche?

If you don’t have an area of expertise that you want to link to, then ask yourself, “What am I passionate about? What do I love? What would I like to learn more about?

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Believe me, once you are settled into a niche, even if it is a subject about which you are somewhat of an expert, you will find that you learn more as you research and write. Your aim is to become an expert in that subject, if you aren’t already.

Your niche encompasses your target audience. Once you have made your selection, then you need to research your audience and learn as much about this group as possible. Learn such things as: Where are they from? Are they male or female? What is their age? What is their connection/interest in your niche?

Have you chosen a topic that is too broad? Perhaps you need to narrow your focus to reach a specific target group. As your website grows, you can expand your focus then. Get to know your audience, and target the ones you feel might be most apt to like what you offer.

As an example, my niche is cats. It’s a bit broad, so I started out with recollections of some of my many experiences with cats. Then I added cat breeds and cat health. My website name is “The Literate Cat,” so I offer lots of books. (Warning: not much commission in books unless you sell hundreds of them.)

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Reach out to your audience. Try to get some interaction. Start a conversation. This can be a good way to develop trust. If there is any way you can increase the interaction between you and your visitors, this is a good thing.

Leverage any expertise you have to help your niche stand out from the competition. Perhaps you can find your own “gimmick” that will help your website grow. For example, in my cat website, I have a character called Lucinda the literate cat who does book reviews and gives kitty advice.

When your niche is highly specialized or specific, you will find you have less competition. Of course, this is a good thing. The subject matter presented in this very specific site will help you gain increased visibility with your audience.

An important consideration is that your niche gives you direction. You can target areas specific to your subject, and find the perfect products to offer that will fit in well with your chosen market.

Your niche allows you to focus on a specific group of people. Without a niche, your website would be a disorganized jumble of topics, and you would find it hard to draw traffic consistently. What audience would you target? How could you become an expert in your field, when you really have not offered a specific field?

Developing a brand is more difficult without a niche, because there is no specific target audience. If your niche is on a specific topic, over time you will have returning customers because you are developing brand loyalty. This loyalty can be most important for future growth.

Think of this: it is much easier to target a specific group of people, representing a narrow segment of the population. If you had no niche, you would not know which direction to go next. Moreover, if you can narrow down the specific audience that is interested in what you offer, you will find it much easier to gain market insights, for example, in programs like Google Analytics.

Your chosen subject matter will give you increased visibility. You want that, of course. Also, once you have established a brand, you will find word of mouth growth increases. You will hone your expertise until your chosen audience will eventually seek you out on their own.

A niche is especially necessary for a new business, because you can then find your specific audience and focus on them. Your forward direction will be more easily defined. It will be easier for you to become a visible presence, as those interested in your subject matter will follow you. As you become known, your site can develop authenticity and relevance.

In short, I believe a good niche is the first ingredient needed in order to build your brand.

Yes, your niche is very important because it is the seed you must plant to grow your success. It is the subject matter of your dissertation. It is the cornerstone upon which you build your brand. Once your brand is established, your online success is secured.

For this article, I’ve used a couple of references. Here they are:



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16 thoughts on “Why Is Niche Marketing Important?”

  1. Selecting a specific niche as the area of marketing is very integral to ensuring success as a marketer. Niche marketing helps to limit the focus and straighten more on what truly matters and that is the specific group that one is addressing. Niche marketing helps to channel all efforts towards ensuring a better success rate with marketing. With this, all efforts and desires would be on that single area alone and with time, one would develop to be an authority on the niche. Thanks

    • Your  niche helps define your direction.  It helps you plan ahead and progress.  Sometimes people don’t seem to realize the importance of finding a niche, and I wanted to emphasize that it is vital for a blogging website. 

      Yes, and becoming an authority in your niche is a great move ahead.

  2. I have always had the same question, why can’t i diversify. I want to sell so many stuff to have more possibilities to make money. Now i understand why and i see why i need to focus on one thing or just on a couple of things. My potential customers will not find me if my niche is not specific and i too will get really tired. Than you for educating me with this awesome post.

    • It is hard, sometimes to limit your offerings.  I, too, feel frustration at times because I’d love to offer a certain item to my customers but it does not fit my niche.  However, to build a brand it is important to focus on your main theme, or your niche.

      One thing you can do to diversify is to open an eCommerce store.  Then you could put a larger variety of products online to sell.

  3. Hi! I have recently begun to understand why we must choose a narrow niche. I liked very much your statement that no niche is too small if it’s ours. When we’re getting started, we tend to want to bite more than what we can ever chew when it comes to selecting a niche. But as time goes by, Search Engines and people will value our site more if it’s highly targeted and specific.

    • You are very right.  I agree that it is hard to set limits sometimes, but we will develop a brand much faster if we can introduce posts and products that align with what we want our brand to be.  It’s like putting together a puzzle in a way — will this piece fit?  No, I think we need a different one.

      The niche on my other website is cats.  At first, that was actually too broad.  However, I’ve found that, as time goes by,with the more general theme of my niche, it is easier to find subject matter to write about.  I can find so many topics about cats, and really can’t see the ideas running out.  That is a good thing.

  4. A niche is certainly one very important aspect in any form of online business anyone will be involving themselves in. Having a niche would save you a lot of stress and help you have a particular focus when doing your business. No one would want to start a business and start making findings on over 10 different aspects. Having a niche would help you keep a single path and even save you time and stress, without a niche, one would hardly make an impact with their business

    • You understand the concept.  That is good.  Having a niche will help you in many ways, especially in developing a following of interested people.  Having a niche leads to your becoming an authority figure in your field, and will lead to trust from your visitors.  These all  help develop your “brand.”

  5. Hello Fran. Target audience is key and we can only reach out to them if we have spent time choosing a very specific niche. One that we enjoy researching about. It helps a lot if we’re already an expert, but if we aren’t we must enjoy spending time learning about our niche. Once our audience has been following us, it’s just a matter of time to establish a brand!

    • I can tell you understand.  That is good.  Yes, we must establish a target audience and then draw them in.  

      As to being an expert, if you stick to your niche long enough and write about it long enough, soon you will become an expert.  Not only that, but the more you build, the more you will gain the trust of your readers.  That trust will help a great deal in establishing your brand.

  6. Selecting a niche is very important for anyone who is looking to venture into affiliate marketing. I must confess that i have not seen anyone online who is into affiliate marketing who sells everything. Instead, it is better to choose a niche and better narrow it down again. You have written the benefits of niche marketing here. Nice one, i was well educated.

    • I’m so glad you found the article informative.  It is, indeed, necessary for affiliate marketing.  If you have an eCommerce store, you might still have a general theme, but it can be broader and include lots of other items that you could sell.  When you operate on commission, you need to build out your “line” in a specific category.  This allows you to build a brand and establish trust with your audience.

      In the end, it’s all good, if you just move forward with your ideas and don’t give up.

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing a good article to read to learn more about why is so important to pick a niche when working on building up a website.

    I had a few questions, but after reading your article everything is more clear for me.

    As I pick a niche to work on based on what I’ll be working on it will be easier for me, I will follow your good advice to take a moment and write down my ideas to narrow the niche down and not to start working on a niche that is too big.

    It’s better to work on a small niche.

    Do you have any suggestions about how can I be sure if my niche is narrow enough to start working on it?

    • Thanks for your comments.  To sel/ect a niche, pick a specific subject that you can start in a small way and then expand.  For example, I wrote a post on here about a coffee niche.  Now, coffee is pretty general, and if you chose that niche, you might want to start with a specific brand of coffee.  However, as your posts and your website grow, you are going to have to find lots of specifics of your niche subject to write about.  If you are specializing in a certain kind of coffee, then you can add all the accoutrements, like mugs, grinders, coffeepots, etc.  

      If you are looking for a niche, you might read that post, as you can gain higher commissions from some of the coffee companies.  Here’s the link:  https://build2winaffiliates.com/find-available-gourmet-coffee-affiliate-programs

  8. Marketing without a niche would just be like wandering around without having a path or a destination. Getting to figure out a niche and channeling all the effort towards making the best from the niche would ensure that one turns to an authority in such niche and with time, success immensely would be guaranteed because one would own a website and write immensely on the niche. Niche marketing still remains one of the forms  of marketing on the internet. Thanks. 

    • I’m glad to see you understand the usefulness of having a niche.  Building your website with a niche in place gives you the opportunity to build a brand that people trust.  

      I wish you luck with your own endeavors.


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