Why Is SEO Important For Business?

Smart folks with websites study SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to try to learn the best techniques for improving this critical factor. Can you answer this question: Why is SEO important for business?

In short, SEO is a set of rules used to optimize your website for search engines to promote search engine rankings. There are several reasons why it is important for you to develop strong SEO. Study this list and you will understand.

1) Organic Search

A very large part of your business’s performance is based on organic search, or unpaid search results. People reach your site because they ask a question on a search engine such as Google, and from the selections that come up, they make their choice.

If your post is ranked by the search engine on the first page the person sees, there is a much higher probability they will click to read your story. In fact, studies show that they are most apt to click on one of the first five positions. With proper SEO techniques, your offering is much more apt to appear in one of those first positions.

Because Google owns about 75% of the overall search market, it behoovesRed upward arrow;Google on top; SEO underneath us to pay attention to Google’s rankings. Other search engines are also important, but Google leads the field. Therefore, it sets industry standards.

2) Good SEO Provides Trust and Credibility

Your “brand” needs to develop trust and credibility. Learning good SEO techniques will help you create a user experience that can be easily discovered in search. You need to become recognized as an authority, and can build this credibility over time.

You need to develop patience and give commitment and effort to your site in order to build trust in you and the information you offer.

3) Good SEO Will Affect User Experience

A big factor in reaching better organic rankings and maximum visibility is creating a good user experience. Because Google has learned how to interpret whether the visitor’s experience on your site is favorable or unfavorable, your rankings on this search engine are very important.

When customers use the search engines, they are looking for specific SEO with keywords, optimize, links, titles, tagsinformation. If they can’t find it, they will not be pleased. Google does as much as they can to offer the information the user needs.

Your keyword research can be very critical here. If you choose the right keyword, it will greatly increase the chance that your visitor has found your post because you chose a keyword he used in his search question.

SEO Can Positively Affect the Buying Cycle

The big value of the internet to people is the ability to search and find answers to their questions. Using good SEO tactics, you can entice people to your site, giving messages for bargains or unique products and services.

If you are able to let them know that your brand is available, informed, and worthy of their attention, you will be able to bring customers back to your site again and again.

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Sometimes you can focus on a specific vicinity. This procedure is an example of local SEO. If you focus on a specific city, area, or even state, you might establish a connection that allows local people to find you quickly and easily.

You can show local listings relevant to the location. In this way you help optimize your site. Local citations and backlinks help build this local SEO focus.

SEO Is Always Being Updated

You may think you have done all you ever need to do with SEO once yourSEO letters; O is dartboard with 3 darts material is published. Search engines evolve, following the example of Google. Algorithm changes happen regularly. These algorithms, also known as search engine ranking factors, consider a number of variables to decide how web pages will rank.

When the search engines crawl your page, they read signals to figure out what a page is all about. They don’t read a page, as you might do. The signals they read include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Website structure
  2. Keywords
  3. Title optimizations
  4. Headings
  5. Internal links
  6. Image SEO

If your page has backlinks, (incoming links) these signal trust by other sites and can greatly affect your rank. This is especially true if these links come from well-known and trusted sites. Such links all have a positive effect on your website.

Circle drawing: SEO in center; factors around edge

There are three main stages of SEO:

1. Technical SEO

This SEO has nothing to do with your website content or how you promote it. It has to do with the settings you need that will make the job of search engines easier.

2. On-Site SEO

This stage of SEO has to do with the content and other elements that can be found on a page. This on-site SEO focuses on providing search engine crawlers enough signals so they can understand the meaning and context of your content.

3. Off-Site SEO

This stage refers to link building. This SEO is important because when someone types a search query, the search engine tries to find the best pages that can satisfy the intent of the user. Good candidates appear in the top positions of search results.

Backlinks are important because, again, they are a signal of trust. Depending on where they are coming from, they can greatly enhance your ranking.

It’s All About ContentSign: Content is king

The bottom line is if you don’t have good content, SEO can’t help you. Poor content simply will not rank well. Meanwhile, a website with good content can do well even without SEO. The purpose of SEO is to give the website an extra boost.

What Practices Should You Avoid?

Here are a few things to avoid if you want to create good SEO:

  1. Automatically generated content
  2. Involvement with link schemes
  3. Pages without original content or using duplicate content
  4. Cloaking (Showing search engine crawlers different content than that shown to visitors)
  5. Hidden text and links
  6. Doorway pages (These are specifically created to rank well in certain searches to funnel traffic to your site)
  7. Thin content pages (Showing mostly ads or affiliate links)
  8. Page titles that are not clear and relevant
  9. Poor page speed
  10. Keyword stuffing

Beginners, read Google’s guidelines. It is important to do so. Then you will have first-hand understanding of Google’s requirements and restrictions. This practice may save you from costly mistakes later.

Start learning all you can about SEO. There are online courses you can take if you feel they will be helpful. Remember this: The best way to learn SEO is to practice SEO.


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4 thoughts on “Why Is SEO Important For Business?”

  1. Yes, I agree that good SEO is very important for any website in order to rank well within the search machines. It was interesting to read that backlinking can have such a positive effect and I will certainly keep that in mind going forwards. And as part of SEO I think that the use of the right keywords is quite essential. Good of you to notice that Google algorithms change all the time. Such changes may severely effect your website clicks. Do you know of anything in order to anticipate this?

    • I don’t know, but someone must.  They change the algorithms all the time.  Perhaps Google has some kind of schedule one can get, so we can be ready for them.

      Yes, keywords are vitally important.  Picking good keywords is an art, in my eyes.  I’ve finally started something I should have done long ago — I look up on Google what others use for keywords for a similar story. The first five posts are great for offering clues.  Then I get my keyword and aim to have it close to the top ones already online.

  2. Yes! Content is the king. The importance of SEO can not be overemphasized because the success or failure of one’s business reside mainly on SEO and doing it right. The tips you gave on what one ought not to do are spot on and I have noted them down for future references. Thanks so much for this great post! I will also share this out to more people to get them sensitized about this

    • Glad you appreciated the article, and that you found some information you could use.  SEO is so important to all of us, and hopefully newcomers to the online world will learn what it is and how to use it.  

      If we write well and regularly add good content, the other important ingredient is to use good SEO techniques so we have a better chance of ranking well.  Working on finding the absolute best keyword is a vital part of the formula.  Hopefully some others will find value in the post as well.


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