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If you, like me, are tired of the 9 to 5 rat race and want to work online from a home business, come along with me and I’ll fill you in on how to prepare for this awesome change.

How Will This New Direction Change Things?

Before we get to the nuts and bolts list of things you have to do to prepare a physical space for your at-home office, have you thought about how this new

log cabin; mountains in back
What could be sweeter than working from home?

direction will change your life?

It will not be at all the same as working in an office. It will have its own quirks and character.

Ask yourself, what is it like to work at home? First of all, it will be quiet. You can concentrate without distraction. Of course, if you have young children at home, you can forget the quiet. Then, rules must be set down so that the family does not disturb you in your office during work-time.

You can imagine that your office space at home is in the center of a city office. Set up rules on when you will be there, alone, and when you will come out of your cave and interact with the rest of the world.

Emails can be a distraction. It is so tempting to look frequently for new messages. Solve this problem by scheduling specific times to deal with email messages.

Keeping On Track Can Be A Challenge

They say that a cluttered office indicates a creative person. That may be true, but you will find you will do better work if you keep a space uncluttered where you can spread out the day’s project and make brilliant forward progress.

Here are some good ways to keep yourself on track. Set goals — daily, weekly, and even hourly

Man standing on rock above sea
Setting Goals Is Vital To Your Success

if you find that helps you to stay focused.

Then keep a written record of goals and schedule a time when you wish them to be completed. Use a calendar or keep it all in a notebook. I use a DayTimer — for years, it has kept me on track.

If you go from a busy office to the quiet of your home, you will find that you miss the interaction. Create diversions that allow you contact with others. For example, send recent pictures to your friends or call them on the phone occasionally.I run my remote business through this company

A nice feature of working from home is that you can get up from your work now and then and take the dog for a walk, or go out and smell the flowers — anything to break your routine for a short period. You will come back refreshed.

That does not mean spending time procrastinating and losing focus. You must remind yourself that if you want this home business to work, you will need to put in the necessary labor.

Arrange Your Office Space To Maximize Efficiency

Okay, so let’s say you have quit your job and will work at home from now on. How do you set up your work space?

First, it is important that you create a specific place for your business, and keep all your necessary supplies and equipment there. If you can allot a room in the house as an office, that is excellent.

View of home office
How will you design your home office?

If not, find a part of a room — maybe a corner of the bedroom, since it is usually quiet during the day — and set up your office space there.

Keep that space sacred — it is to be used for nothing but your office. Your business is important, so give it consideration when you organize it.

In your office you will need a desk or a table. I use a small desk for my computer and a larger table for spreading out my work.

Find a small file cabinet for your office, or use cardboard boxes. In my office I have both. When the file cabinet filled up, I found that cardboard boxes fill the function of holding oodles of junk (no, important stuff!) very nicely.

If you can compose on your computer, that’s good. I can’t. I write everything out in longhand and then type it. I like this method because when I research, I change the wording of the article as I take my notes, and find this is easier to do when I’m writing it down.

I can read the article from the computer and keep the notebook right beside the machine, so I can add notes as I read.

What Equipment Will I Need?

The most important two things you need for your business are a good, reliable internet connection and a computer. You can be anywhere in the world and carry on a business with these two things.I run my remote business through this company

Get a good quality computer that can perform all the basic functions. Gather all the cords and connectors you will need. In fact, if you live in a remote location, having an extra set of everything is a very smart move.

It would be very valuable if you have two computers, so you have one for backup in case one goes out and you have to send it off for repair.

It’s also handy to have this backup laptop so you can take it traveling with you. When I went to California for the month of February, I was able to keep

office desk, computer, lamp
A desk with lots of storage

up with my business by using the laptop.

Since you will be spending a great deal of time at that computer, invest in a comfortable swivel office chair.  You will be glad you did.

Another thing that you will appreciate having is a good light, perhaps a goose-neck one so you can position it wherever you want.

A printer and plenty of paper is another good investment. You will use it over and over, and be glad of the day you got it.

Another very important item is a good camera. You can often add a great deal to a post by including pictures that you take yourself. It will save you a lot of time because you won’t have to hunt for the pictures.

Here Is The Secret Of Many Successful Online Businesses

Now you are ready to roll. Sit down and dig in. If you still need to find a business opportunity, do I have good news for you! Click HERE and read about the business I have chosen.

I read a very interesting statement on the internet today. It said that, of all home business opportunities, affiliate marketing is the most lucrative. It is number one on the list. Blogging is number four. So if you are blogging for an affiliate marketing website, how can you lose?

Hands shaking; affiliates wanted
The #1 moneymaker for online businesses

There is so much potential to make a great living with an online business. If you are working as an affiliate marketer, you are in the right place at the right time. The world is your marketplace.

Please leave a comment or any questions in the section below this post. We will be happy to connect with you. We welcome your questions and are here to help you move forward.

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