You Can Think Your Way To Success

Did you realize you can think your way to success? Well, you can, if you just program your mind correctly. I had a friend who had a little post-it on her computer that said, “Think it, Believe it, Watch it happen.” I liked the little sign, so I made one for my computer, too.

The slogan is actually a rewording of Napoleon Hill’s famous quote: “Anything the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” In Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich,” he wrote the results of his years of study of the lives and philosophies of many successful businessmen, in an attempt to determine what was behind these mens’ success.

Napoleon Hill’s pithy saying was a summation of a main theme in his book. He pointed out that the successful men he interviewed and studied were living examples demonstrating the truth of the statement.Positive Thinking with Positive Action equals Success

Think it, believe it, watch it happen. I liked the slogan when I first saw it, as it seemed to point out a magnificent truth. It would behoove us to look at each of the three parts of the saying to see if we can learn how to follow the formula.

Think It

The first step is to think about what you want. Think about it in great detail. Envision yourself as already having what you desire. Get involved with it. You don’t set out on a journey without knowing your destination. So it is with your desire.

In his book, Dare to Dream and Work to Win, Dr. Tom Barrett lists four ingredients for success. They are as follows:

  1. Determine what you want
  2. Decide what you are willing to reschedule or give up in order to get what you want
  3. Associate with people who will help you get there
  4. Have a plan that works; work your plan

As you think about the success you desire, you can put these four steps in place and they will move you closer to where you want to go.

Dr. Barrett says, “Be absolutely clear about what you want out of your business before you decide what you will put into it.” In other words, establish your goals. These are important because goals create focus, energy, and passion.

When you become discouraged, ask yourself, “Why am I doing this? This Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds“why” will keep you going. The “why” is more important for you to determine than the “how.” It is what keeps you moving forward while you learn the “how” part.

It is very important to write down where you want to go. As you think of what you want and why you want it, set it down on paper. Thus, it becomes tangible, not just a notion in your mind.

Look at your goal often; carry it with you. When you think of your plan for moving ahead and you write it down, it is now something concrete. It is no longer just a nebulous idea.

Believe It

Once you have thought out all the details of your goal and written it down, then you can go to the next step. You have to believe you can reach your destination.

First, you have to believe in yourself. To do so, you have to change whatever core beliefs are limiting you. All our thoughts, behavior, and emotions follow from these core beliefs. When you give yourself permission to explore what you believe, you are beginning to take charge of your life.

It is imperative that you examine these core beliefs, because you are often being held captive by your own erroneous thinking. How you behave is The more you give the more it comes back to youcontrolled by what you believe. Your attitudes determine your action.

We have lived with our beliefs for so long that we act out of habit. We function on autopilot. It is important that we pay attention to the thoughts that float through our mind. We must become good listeners to our own internal dialogue. In this way, we can find out which beliefs are limiting us, and put new ideas in place.

Self-doubt will slow us down. Are you fenced in by imaginary perceptions of the world and your place in it? Think of your mind as your own personal garden, which is your responsibility and privilege to tend. Make your thoughts true, healthy, and empowering. Start thinking of yourself as a winner in the game of life.

==>Be a winner by joining the company I am utilizing to reach my goals.  Get to know this company, and it will amaze you!<==Once you have thought carefully and in detail about what you want, and start to examine what kind of thoughts you often have, you can begin to change your beliefs to ones that foster success. Eliminate negative thought patterns. Here is how you do that:

  1. Determine what belief you want to change
  2. Identify how or when the belief started in your mind
  3. Give yourself permission to challenge unhealthy beliefs and then to change them
  4. Install new healthy thought patterns that are empowering

Once you are able to change these negative thought patterns, you will beCreek photo: No matter how many mistakes you make much more able to believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, you become aware that you do have the power to move your business forward and become successful.

When you first latch onto a new idea, you will often react with great enthusiasm. This excitement will carry you forward for a time. Then you reach a point where you will need more than just feelings and emotions.

It’s time for commitment. If you embrace commitment, you have a sense of purpose and the focus you need. A strong commitment will sustain long-term focus.

Commitment eventually takes you to a point of decision where you will finally be filled with conviction. Conviction can be defined as unshakable faith. It’s internal confidence, which is a common characteristic of someone who has conviction.

One way to gain conviction is to spend time around other people who have it. Here is a great benefit of our Wealthy Affiliate program, because we can turn to our excellent community whenever we need to be around people with staying power in the business.

Watch it Happen

As we have learned in the Law of Gestation, we have to give things enough time to grow and develop. First we think thoroughly and in detail about what we want, then we examine our belief system to find out what negative ideas are holding us back. We then can move forward with the confidence that what we want is moving into form.

Think it — Believe it — Watch it Happen. Set your goal, believe in your capabilities, and turn your desires over to the Universe. Success will be yours!

I believe I have found a way to success, and would love to have you join me on the journey.  To learn what I have chosen, read the following post:

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15 thoughts on “You Can Think Your Way To Success”

  1. Such a powerful post, I absolutely love it and think it’s so important to apply the Law Of Attraction and positive thinking to our endeavours. It’s probably even more important to work with it for online marketing because you have to take action without seeing the evidence of those actions showing results right away.

    I’m so fortunate to have had some really successful mentors and the single common thread in all of them was exactly what you mentioned with the think it, believe it and watch it happen image. Taking the correct actions with the right positive attitude is 100% the formula to success. Thanks so much for this inspiring post!

    • Thank you for your comment, Judy.  I completely agree that a positive attitude is critical.  We have to hang on to that attitude through whatever setbacks and adversity we face.  Eventually it will lead us to sunlight and freedom.  We can win if we just approach winning with the right attitude.

  2. I like your post! Thank you for sharing. I agree with you that when you determine, decide, associate, and have a plan you can move closer to where you want to go. Three months ago I decided to find a program that I can learn how to start an online business. I ran into many scams until finally, I found the Wealthy Affiliate platform. They have the best customer support, they teach you how to succeed online. I became a member and I got ranked in Yahoo and Bing on the first page.

    • Great!  You have found the best place to learn and to find the support you need as you move forward.  I, too, have discovered there are many scams out there.  I joined a couple before I learned to read reviews first, and now I am writing them for Wealthy Affiliate!  At least that’s something that may be helpful for others looking for the best way to tackle the internet.

      Good luck to you as you continue your journey.  You can succeed if you just stick to it.

  3. Hi Fran

    Wow, there’s quite a lot of great information to take in from this article about the path to success, having the right mindset and a clear goal are the foundations of success, I particularly liked the line – Have a plan that works, work the plan, this really resonated with me. 

    I noticed that you have referenced a couple of books in the article would you recommend these as a good starting place for further information about this topic?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    • Yes, indeed.  Read Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.”  It is a great little book.  Go on YouTube and watch Bob Proctor’s “You Were Born Rich.”  He is such a charismatic speaker.  There are many good books besides those two that you might read (or watch on YouTube).  Have fun searching them out.  

  4. Hello Fran Kelso…

    Thank you for your amazing and motivating article. The most amazing thing I liked most is the part of the slogan that is “Think it, Believe it, Watch it happen.” It really amazed me. It starts me too think and believe whatever I have. The 4 ingredients for success written in the book “Dare to Dream and Work to Win” by Dr. Tom Barrett was also impressive. These should be shared with people to motivate them and to be motivated. 

    Thank again for such a nice article

    • I am glad you enjoyed the article.  There is good information in there that is important to anyone who wants to succeed.  I hope the information helps to move you forward in a good way.

  5. Dear Fran,

    Thanks for the Great inspiring post! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others. Your post can be used as a blueprint for success.

    To be honest, I am currently reading Napolean Hills “Think & Grow Rich” it’s a great book and a must read for everyone. Indeed, thinking has a lot to do in our success. Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right – Henry Ford quote contains a great message for everyone.

    Immediately add Dare to Dream and Work to Win to my “To Read List”. Thanks a lot for the helpful insights.

    You have given me plenty to think. This post is so thorough it opened my eyes to all sorts of information I wasn’t aware of! I will have to go back to it a few times just to grasp all of the valuable information you shared so I am bookmarking your post. 

    Think it!

    Believe it!

    Watch it Happen!


    • Oh, Paul, I am so glad the article struck a chord with you.  Napoleon Hill could serve as a prophet for those of us who are into affiliate marketing, or any kind of situation where we are growing our own business.  If we keep his words in our minds as a mantra, we will be reminded that it is all up to us and our mindset.

      Here’s another source I love:  Bob Proctor.  Go to YouTube and watch his “You Were Born Rich” video.  You will be so pleased with what he offers.

  6. This is a wonderful post for people trying to keep themselves motivated. This world is full of things and people that will make us feel defeated. Encouraging positive thought & action is powerful and it does get results.

    I do something called “speaking into being”. It is basically the same concept but you do not only think or write what you want to be or have. You tell the Universe. You tell it every day, several times a day.

    While you’re having this conversation with the cosmos, you are actively pursuing your desire.

    And as you said, with patience and tenacity, what you want will come to be “in the fullness of time.”

    Thank you for writing this. So many people need this kind of guidance.

    Gwendolyn J

    • What an excellent comment, Gwendolyn!  I really like the “speaking into being” idea and will start doing it myself.  I appreciate your passing on the suggestion.

      I believe you are right…many people need to learn that they can change things in their life by changing attitudes and mindset.  It takes some conscious work on our parts, but is well worth it.

  7. Another great post Fran. I’m glad you’re spreading the word, because most, truly don’t understand this.

    That the very thoughts that they have been thinking is why they are where they are in life at this very monent. Also your words are only thoughts with sound.

    I’ll have to check out that book you mentioned. I’m always looking out for good books to add to my library.

    Keep us inspired


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